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Stick 'N' Kick Weed Remover

Kicking out weeds with the new Stick n Kick is so easy its amazing. Not only do you conquer the weed problem effortlessly, the simple act of kicking out the weeds creates such a rewarding feeling.

Finally, no more headaches, backaches, or blisters!

You will discover for the first time that ridding your lawn or garden of weeds using a Stick n Kick can be fun! Even the lawn is flawlessly protected- no huge holes left behind from claws or hoes. No dangerous chemicals, no noise, no fuel and built to last for life!

  • - No hazardous chemicals and environmentally safe!
  • - No bending over and easy to use.
  • - No noise, pollution, wires or fuel.
  • - Removes the weed and protects the lawn.
  • - Simple, durable construction thats built to last!






  1. Trusty Nylon Strap provides added safety
    by wrapping around the users wrist. Also allows
    for easy hanging of the tool after use. This durable nylon rope can handle a 75 lb. working load.

  2. Sturdy Foam/Rubber Handle provides a comfortable grip made of closed-cell vinyl foam.

  3. Fiberglass Body is Glass-Fiber Reinforced Tubing-both lightweight and strong to ensure minimal effort on your part.

  4. Steel-Reinforced Rubber Base guarantees longlasting
    performance after repeated weed kicking. Its also weighted precisely to add extra power to your kick. Durable yet soft kicking pad made with high-strength and weather-resistant EPDM rubber.

  5. The Governor keeps the Stick n Kick from going too
    deeply into the soil, making sure all kicks are as efficient
    as possible. This is what makes the tool especially unique.

  6. Steel Tips wrap around the weeds base, directing the force of the kick up and out- along with the entire weed.* Theyre made of High Carbon Steel, Hardened and Tempered for superior, lasting strength.

Wear hard-soled close-toed shoes when using Stick n Kick.
Do not stand in front of someone Stick n Kicking.
Works best against weeds or crabgrass.
Adult use only.

Model # 524154GH

Manufacturer Stick 'n' Kick

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Length 41 inches

Weight 1 lb 10 oz

Shipping weight 4 lbs

How Stick 'n' Kick Works



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