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Spring is just around the corner!  Your area may be available for a WEED TWISTER distributorship.  In Pasadena, California, home of the world-famous Rose Parade, spring begins in January.  Several nursery stores have stocked up on the WEED TWISTER to help their clients solve the weed emergency problem after the first rain of the year.  These retailers are listed on the Ergonica  Retailers page.


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Weed Twister Image 3
Weed Twister
36" x 2" coil diameter
Click for expanded image

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If you are a retailer, distributor or manufacturer's representative with a compatible line, contact Ergonica.

Home Distributors Opportunity

You may be on the front line in your neighborhood to represent the amazing WEED TWISTER!  As a Home Distributor, you may purchase 6 or more WEED TWISTERS for a low discount price and sell them to  your neighbors for a profit at the regular retail price.   

The easiest way to sell this amazing product, is to personally demonstrate how well it works to your friends and neighbors in your own garden or at the home of one of your neighbors.  Once your neighbors see how well it performs, and how easy it is to use, especially with weeds that are common in your own neighborhood, they will appreciate the fact that you 'turned them on' to the amazing WEED TWISTER!  .

For more information about this exciting opportunity, see the Home Distributors page.

To get into this frontline opportunity in your neighborhood, visit the Purchase page for detailed pricing information.

For orders to locations outside the domestic United States of America, please e-mail Ergonica at products1[AT]ergonica.com for additional information.

bullet Online marketers: drop-ship arrangements available!  Purchase 2 WEED TWISTERS in advance to qualify.  Drop ship orders must be paid in advance.  More info.

Please recommend this site to your friends by e-mail.  Mention this page in your comments. 

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