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Detoxify your Lawn and Garden in only 90 Days!

Ergonica Twelve-Step Program to Reduce and Eliminate the use of Toxic Chemicals in your Home Environment

  1. Declare your intent to kick the herbicide habit of using toxic chemicals in your lawn and garden to 5 friends by e-mail (to document the event).  Tell them about the 12 - Step program you are ready to undertake.  Ask for advice and suggestions.  If some of your friends or neighbors are ready to kick the herbicide habit themselves, you can make a pack to do this together. Moral support, practical guidance and sharing resources, such as excess plants, materials and special tools, for example, are key factors for success.  Many garden clubs are also supportive of natural weed control methods.  More tips on sharing with your own Organic Gardening Sharing Group below.

  2. Debate the pros and cons of using harmful chemicals versus going organic with two close friends with different points of view.  Prepare for your debate by online research such as in Weeding Tips and Weed Twister vs. Roundup.  Ask the other debaters to do some serious research, as well.  The debate will help to strengthen your resolve especially in the face of nay-sayers.

  3. Prepare a list of people and pets who may be at risk of harm by continuing to use toxic chemicals in your lawn and garden.  Include people and animals who frequently visit your home and neighbors downwind from your property.

  4. Map out one or two areas of your garden where mulch may be useful in preventing weed growth.  Weed prevention using natural methods and organic products is the most important part of your natural weed control program.

  5. Purchase mulch and apply.  Get advice for types of mulch and application tips as needed.  See Weeding Tips and Weed Control for other natural weed prevention and control methods.

  6. Upgrade your selection of weeding tools with more precise tools (low till), back-saving tools and deep-root pullers and twisters.  Learn more about weeding tool options and the newest weeders in Weeder Features.  Avoid the use of wide-blade hoes that tend to promote latent weed seeds.

  7. Schedule 15 minutes a day for defensive weeding and begin using your upgraded weeding tools every day.  Avoid going beyond the scheduled time.  Plan for a pattern of clearing different areas on different days of the week.  Once weeds have already been visibly removed, use this time for weed patrol, pruning, trimming, cleaning and admiring your beautiful garden.

  8. After your first 30 days of organic weeding methods, assess your progress and give yourself a pat on the back.  Prepare a brief report on your progress and share it with 5 friends by e-mail.  Include problem areas that may require new techniques.  Feel free to share your First 30 - Day  Herbicide Detox Report with Ergonica, as well, by e-mail to gardenclub1[AT]ergonica.com.

  9. As you begin your 2nd month of chemical-free lawn and garden weed control, spend another hour or two of additional research on organic gardening methods appropriate to the current season and your specific climate region and types of crops and weeds in your garden.

  10. Make a more long-term plan for possibly replacing exotic plants or lawn areas with native plants and ground covers suitable to your climate region.  A native plant finder can help you identify suitable choices for your garden.  Your local native plant nursery should be a great resource for technical advice, new low-maintenance plants for your garden and moral support.  You can also receive helpful guidance and resources from permaculture societies in your area.

  11. After your first 90 days of organic weeding methods, consider yourself an herbicide detox success!  Prepare a brief report on your success and share it with 5 friends by e-mail. Feel free to share your First 90 - Day  Herbicide Detox Report with Ergonica, as well, by e-mail to gardenclub1[AT]ergonica.com.  Celebrate this day by ceremoniously throwing out your old toxic herbicide containers and drinking a cup of your favorite herb tea.  A tea brewed from leaves or flowers from your own garden will be your greatest compliment.  You can be confident that there will be no residual toxic substances in your cup.  Enjoy a little Weed Poetry with your tea. Your special friends may appreciate a cup of your organic tea and a little weed poetry reading, as well.  Your garden thanks you! 

  12. For each season of the year, adjust your plans for mulching, planting different crops and ornamentals, and using different weeding tools as appropriate.  Upgrade your hand tools as needed. Encourage your friends and garden club mates to learn from your experience.  Perhaps your local garden club is ready to become an organic garden club, as well?  If your entire neighborhood block also goes organic, less contamination and toxic fumes will spread your way.  Ergonica congratulates you!

Do you really need chemicals to control weeds?

Organize your own Organic Gardening Sharing Group

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Share a cup of organic tea from your own garden with your special friends... You can do it - You can grow it - naturally!

What are YOUR answers to these arguments against natural weed control?

Prepare for your debate by online research such as in Weeding Tips,  Weed Twister vs. Roundup and Read the Roundup Label.

Organic Gardening Sharing Group

By organizing or joining your own Organic Gardening Sharing Group, you can save money and share knowledge and materials to detoxify your lawn and garden more efficiently.  Expedite your benefits by taking inventory of items in possession that members are willing to share, loan, give or trade with one another.  Shared items may be special tools, heavy equipment, plants, seeds, mulch, landscaping materials, etc.  This will help you when preparing a list of items you need to get from outside sources.   The group can save money by purchasing items in bulk, such as mulch, corn gluten meal or organic fertilizer, for example.  Ergonica also offers volume discounts, as well.  If someone in the group has a large vehicle or truck, you can trade hauling services for other goods and services.  Some laborious tasks can also be done as a group on an occasional or seasonal basis (Throw a Weed Twister Party?).  An organic lawn care service may be hired by several group members for seasonal care at a negotiated discount rate. 

Garden club members may be able to get a nursery store or hardware retailer to provide a special discount or even to sponsor your project.  Savings can also be realized when renting heavy equipment that can be shared with several members.  Special hand tools can be purchased by one member and shared with others for testing to see if they also wish to purchase the same tools themselves.  Don't forget to share your research and personal experiences, as well.  Sharing is good for members and good for the environment, as well, because of less waste and hopefully fewer cars driving to shop.  Online shopping is also economical and reduces vehicle mileage and pollution.  Sharing is also fun!  Don't forget to share the organic fruits of your labor once the toxic traces have cleared.  Share, socialize and save!

The organic gardener does not need to be a masochist or super-human.  Good planning trumps sweat and tears in the eco-friendly garden!

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Musings of Dr. Yucca: Let your garden thrive! A safe and sane delight.

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