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School Science Projects Planning Guidelines for Teachers, Parents

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Cool Science Projects Books and Stuff!

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Does your school or college campus apply sustainable landscaping, native plants, xeriscaping?

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Back-to-school heads up:  With a little imagination, your own weeds could be the basis for a science fair project or a lesson plan on a number of subjects.  In addition to project ideas about weeds, we also present many interesting gardening science projects and other natural science project ideas.  Teachers, students and parents will find all the information necessary, including advice from experts, steps to a science project, and everything you need to put your science project together from the special resources we selected to help you get started on the right foot.  For example, if you're just starting out, we suggest visiting the Internet Public Library, for a basic orientation on science project steps.  If this isn't your first science fair project competition, you know how important it is to research, plan and prepare - as early in the school year as possible.  Plan to win!

Natural Sciences
Natural Resources
English Composition
Computer Orientation
Commerce - E-Commerce
Advertising Methods

Gardening is not only fun for kids and adults alike, but it also lends itself to learning about how things grow in a natural environment.  When children learn to value the life of plants, so do they begin to appreciate the value of all living things, including fish and bugs.

There's a lot of good stuff on this web site, and more goodies are added every week, so plan to come back at least once a week.  Don't try to digest everything in one session.  The key word is 'ergonica'.  This web site is called the World of Weeds.  For more info about Ergonica, see the Ergonica Info page.  

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Are you a poet and don't know it?  Check out the Weed Poetry Contest to win a free WEED TWISTER!

In addition to our own weed-related science project ideas below, we have researched and listed a number of web sites with useful suggestions and many with specific details about science projects for kids.  See the World of Weeds Index for quick routing to our many scientific and consumer resources.

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Are you good in Geography?  Take a puzzle test in the Geography Olympics to show your stuff!


Special Science Projects Resources

How to Start Your Project - Students:

Use the Steps to Prepare Your Science Project  from Cyber-Fair to plan your project.  

Cyber Fair

Get help from the Internet Public Library about the Scientific Method, Choosing a Topic, Sample Projects and Resources.  

Check out the Internet Public Library

How to Start Your Project - Parents:

Science Project Guidelines for Parents - Do's and Don'ts for Helping Your Child by Ray Cruz.  Tips on how to help your child plan and manage an educational science project. 

See more Successful Science Project Plans  and Videos  Check it out!


How to Start Your Project - Educators:

Current nationwide science projects K-12 and curriculum development ERIC Digest - ERIC Identifier: ED324194


The Science Garden Project describes project information, overview, curriculum connections, resource connections and evaluation.

Can poetry teach science?

Can a garden survive in cyberspace?  

Can gardening become a scientific project?

Are WEEDS important to science?

Are you a Weeding Tool Expert?

Can you pass a Weed ID Quiz?

Words of Peace
An inter-faith prayer for peace in the Middle East
and in all parts of the world


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Do you have a Help Sign or Song to share?  See samples of help signs and songs by The Beetles, Alkaline Trio, Steve Winwood.  Important topic for students / teachers relating to poverty, homelessness, geography, civics and art.

Suggested (Easy?) Science Projects


Compare Mechanical Hand Weeders to determine the most effective weed control method.  If you're interested in agriculture, see the White Paper on Precision Weeders in Agriculture.  Park People of Milwaukee County suggested guidelines for grades 5 - 12 Invaders of the Forest.
  Compare the Effects of Irrigation Control on the growth of weeds.  Two projects: one for dry areas and one for rainy areas.
Wild Birds are interesting animals to study and often found in your own backyard. Several science projects examine favorite bird seeds, feeder colors and other factors that influence the feeding and migrating habits of wild birds.
Design your own web-garden with links to images of plants that thrive in a selected climate.  Use the Plant Science linked resources for images.
Write a web-garden-poem with links to images of your favorite flowers.  See the poem A Valentine to Pick for an example.
Identify the noxious weeds in your neighborhood and the best way to abate their threat.
Determine the scientific names and sources of all the weeds in your home garden.
Determine the best way to control the weeds in your garden without using toxic chemicals.
Compare the effectiveness of weed control using organic methods versus toxic chemicals
Demonstrate how beneficial plants or insects can help to control the growth of harmful or noxious weeds.
Demonstrate a selection of some unusual and interesting tools used to control weeds.  Evaluate the most effective tool in the selection.
Do an educational project on the sensitivity of fish to hooks in their mouths.  See for more information.  Can you think of painless methods of fishing?  If so, we would like to present your ideas on this web site.

Science Projects Books 4 Kids

More Books...

If your students create web-based projects with a weed or plant theme, let us link them to this site.  Just e-mail us when the project is published on your web site.  Or, if you need a web host, we may be able to host the page on our site.  You may request this service by e-mailing us at scienceproject1[AT]

Ergonica has selected some excellent reference books about weeds in various regions of the United States.  You may browse through our selection and research related titles in the Garden Books page.  Review other books, templates and planning guides from All-Science-Fair-Projects.

Today, young adults and teenagers are flocking to the internet.  Curiosity has always been the best teacher, although, sometimes risky.  Use this resource as a safe model for the value of browsing the internet for education and edutainment.

Adult education is also a natural environment for this resource.  Adults often need an interesting introduction to new career options.  Use the multi-faceted links to give students of all ages an introduction to new technical and artistic careers.

Share your lesson plans with other educators:

Send us your lesson plans which incorporate the Herb Keeper poem and links.  If possible, use your word processor to convert the plan to HTML format.  The best models will be published on this web site.  Be sure to include appropriate credits on your page.



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Need help with Adobe® Photoshop®?  Learn how to print photos that look as good or better than the original image.  Authored by Rich Benda, The Digital Imaging Workbook explains it all in step-by-step fashion.

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12 - Step Herbicide Detoxification Program 

School Science Projects for Everyone Check it out!

Science Projects Planning Guidelines for Teachers Check it out!

Science Projects Planning Guidelines for Parents Check it out!

See more Successful Science Project Plans and Videos  Check it out!

Check out Science Projects Books Check it out!



Experimental Science Projects:An Introductory Level Guide by David Morano, Assoc. Professor, Mankato State University. This introductory level guide presents basic information for doing a science project..

Science Project Guidelines for Educators - Do's and Don'ts for Helping Your Students by Ray Cruz.  Tips on how to help your students plan and manage an educational science project. 

Oooouch!  Fish hooks HURT!!!

More Project Ideas and Samples Links
(Your Project Could be Linked Here)

Free Online Suggestions
Internet Public Library
Your Science Fair Project Resource Guide
Less Toxic Herbicide Alternatives
California State Science Fair
Weed Killer Strength
Organic Fertilizer
University of Southern California
Organic Fertilizer
Mr. Edwards Science Projects
Organic Pest Control
University of Southern California
Potato Battery Project
Cameron's Potato Battery Page
Simple Biology Projects
Science Fair Exchange
Project: Separate colors in a leaf
Science Made Simple
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Science Museum of Minnesota
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Gardening for Kids!
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About the Human Internet
Plant Science Project Idea
About the Human Internet
Children's Gardening Projects
Gardenweb Forums
Kids Garden by Linda Mazar
Planting Seeds for Growth - Gardening Project
Camping Magazine
School Garden Potpourri of Ideas
Texas A&M University System
Botany (Plants) Science Projects
ScienzFair Project Ideas
Science 4 Kids!
Agricultural Research Service
Current nationwide science projects K-12 and curriculum development
ERIC Digest - ERIC Identifier: ED324194
The Science Garden Project
Stellar Schools
Life Lab Science Program
California State Department of Education
Living Things 
Franklin Institute Online
The Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide on the Rooting of Plant Cuttings and Seed Germination
Science Buddies
Earthworm Castings -- The Ideal Proportion in Soil for Young Garden Plants   
Science Buddies
Humic Acid and the Optimum Soil for Plants   
Science Buddies
Cryopreservation—Freezing Plant Tissues
Science Buddies
Size vs. Depth: The Relationship Between the Size of a Seed and Its Ideal Planting Depth
Science Buddies
Earthworms: Nature's Tiller?
Science Buddies
Mr. McGregor's Garden
Mr. McGregor
Virtual Library
World-Wide Web
Science Fair Central
Chemistry 4 Kids
Biology Science Fair Ideas Exchange Science Hobbyist
Cool Science for Curious Kids
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

How did the universe begin?  What's up in the world of astronomy?  Check out the theory of Grava at

To help you to access the many scholarships and grants available today, we have listed several excellent reference sources.  Several free references are listed as well as the Scholarship and Grant Guide which requires a reasonable fee.  This is the original authoritative rating guide for online scholarship resources. It has been Federally registered with the Library of Congress and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Designed to save you time and energy, The Scholarship & Grant Guide will refund your purchase if you are not satisfied.

The Scholarship Scam Alert contains useful warnings about fraudulent scholarship scams.

Fastweb Free Scholarship Search:
Provides a Free Scholarship Search.

Southwest Student Services Corporation:
Provides a Free Scholarship Search.

Scholarship Scam Alert
Provides Useful Information About Fraudulent Practices

Scholarship and Grant Guide
Provides a Large Scholarship Database for a Reasonable Fee for Teachers and Students

Thinking about Law School?
Start with free Information now about Law School scholarships in California and other areas of the United States, especially for Latinos and minorities.  Get on the mailing list for scholarship information.

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Need a Web Host for your New Garden Product?

Musings of Dr. Yucca: Let your garden thrive! A safe and sane delight.

Need a Part-Time Gig?  Become an organic weed puller specialist and advertise on Craig's List for free!  We'll also give you a free plug if you use one of our Ergonica Weed Twisters!

Need help to remove weeds like Dandelion, Crabgrass, Bermudagrass, Purslane, Tree of Heaven, Mallow?

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Which is worse - a Weed or a weed killer Pesticide?   Kick weed chemical dependence!


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