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Reduce Yard Work With Maintenance-Free Mulch.  American-made Perm-A-Mulch® looks remarkably like natural bark mulch, and eliminates trimming, weeding and re-mulching for years. Made of recycled tires, so it will last for years, the rubber Tree Rings and flexible Border prevent weeds from growing while allowing water, air and nutrients to pass right through. Cut center hole to fit tree trunk. USA.



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Weed Mat Plus

Landscape Fabric Repels Weeds Above and Below

Most landscape mats suppress weed growth from beneath, but over time, seeds find their way onto the top of the mat and take root. This heavy-duty fabric will stay clear for years because it's coated with a natural copper compound that prevents weeds from rooting.

freeship $55 expires 4/15

Weed Mat Plus

Pro Weed Mat, 3' x 50'

Tear-Proof Mat Stops Weeds Between Rows

Weeding between garden rows is tiresome work, and most mulches barely last a season, especially if you walk on them. Now you can solve the problem the way professional nurseries do! Stops weeds dead, yet lets in air, water and nutrients.
Walk on it, drag containers over it, even run a wheelbarrow over it without worry.

freeship $55 expires 4/15

Pro Weed Mat, 3' x 50'

Tom: SPEW Sounds kind of interesting, but kind of weird.  How do you join or make contact with SPEW?

Dr. Yucca:  They have no public contact, that I know of.  They will contact you if they somehow hear that you are interested.  Anyone may start a local chapter and recruit their own members (in secret, of course).  But there's no official membership, I've been told.  If you're connected to their network, anyone may participate whenever they wish in activities of interest.  Some local clusters or cells may promote their own projects as they wish, such as weed nursing outings, where they go out and water beautiful weeds, or create weed gardens in vacant lots.  Others, I've been told, read and compose poetry about weeds and pledges to prevent excessive weeding.

Tom:  Is it true they worship the moon? 

Dr. Yucca: I haven't heard anything about that.  But, I've heard that on full moons some groups may gather at night for ritualistic chants where they invoke the name of the Universal Mother of Weeds, UMOW.

Tom: Wasn't there an old song with a line like: "UMOW-MOW"?  What else can you tell me about this secret society?

Dr. Yucca:  I think it was "PAPA U-MAU-MAU", or something like that.  I know of many Garden Clubs devoted to gardening, which usually include advice in weeding practices, but I know very little about SPEW - it may be just a mythical concept.  Whether SPEW exists or is even necessary, my senses tell me that a bee may see the value of a weed.

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