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These are the Weekly Web Wonders that open the door to the discovery of science through gardening and biological science projects






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We have identified a very resourceful web site full of great ideas for gardening projects.  The site is called the SCHOOL GARDEN POTPOURRI OF IDEAS and includes suggestions for growing various types of plants, adopting a plant and keeping a journal on it, researching your state garden products, making a root view box, collecting soil from different spots, and many other interesting ideas.  The ideas were compiled by Amanda Vanhoozier, Gardeners in Community Development. 


Science 4 Kids! science projects
Science 4 Kids!

Here is an exciting source of great science project suggestions and helpful knowledge from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS).  ARS Science 4 Kids! presents information about science projects, agricultural careers, resources for teachers including clever quizzes, and even a Spanish language version of all content.  An explanation of what a science project is supposed to accomplish precedes a list of ideas grouped into chemistry, botany, environmental sciences, health, microbiology and zoology.  Lots of graphics and animation like those above and below, make this a fun-learning experience.


Welcome to Mr. McGregor's Garden!

Join us for the adventures, or misadventures of Beatrix Potter's, Peter Rabbit. We will visit Mr. McGregor's garden and do some neat gardening activities, meet Mrs. McGregor and many of the characters in the stories, get involved with science activities and experiments, and create incredible art projects.

Did you know Beatrix Potter was a scientist? She was one of the most important researchers of her time! Ms. Potter, as we know from her books, was a wonderful artist. She incorporated her art into her scientific studies, too! What do you think might have been her special area in science? Try to find out! (Hint: It was something to do with things that grow in or on the ground area. )

The WWW Virtual Library:
Science Fairs

This Library page, from the USC collection, is an attempt to provide a single comprehensive list of every science fair accessible through the World Wide Web, whether of global or local scope.  This document is part of the World-Wide Web Virtual Library. Information is categorized by subject.  Many of us are familiar with science fairs organized by our own schools or local communities, but are not aware of the many science fairs designed to invite participation from students in many locations, states and countries.

Can poetry teach science?

Can a garden survive in cyberspace?  

Can gardening become a scientific project?

Are WEEDS important to science?

Students may enter the Ergonica Weed Poetry Contest!

Suggested (Easy?) Science Projects

School Science Projects for Everyone Check it out!

Science Projects Planning Resources for Students Check it out!

Science Projects Planning Guidelines for Teachers Check it out!

Science Projects Planning Guidelines for Parents Check it out!

Check out Science Projects Books Check it out!


Is the Cube your Thing?

Weekly Web Wonder

Translation ---


Does your friend like classical music or poetry?

Cool Science Projects Books and Stuff!

  Need a New SmartPhone? Prepaid?


Winning Science Fair Projects Videos

By order of school level, starting from kindergarten to high school, this selection of winning science fair projects gives you a head start with great ideas and successful presentations. Helpful guidance on how to prepare a top place science project is also included by educators and experts towards the end of this Playlist. Click on the Playlist Selection Icon on the top left of the frame to start at the level of your choice.

See the Stelar School Science Garden Project

The Science Garden Project

The Science Garden project involves designing a science garden to allow all students through their science curriculum and a Gardening Club to plant seeds, shrubs, trees etc. After having done the planting, then to be able to observe the growth of these plants, as well as the identification of them. Also to be able to see what insects and birds are attracted to the garden.

In addition to being able to observe what is happening, the children will be able to keep records of these and report them by using the technology base that is available to them in the Learning Resource Center and their classrooms.

Check out Plants and Animals on the Living Things

In a very colorful and interesting way the world of plants and animals is described on the Living Things web site by the Franklin Institute Online.  Subjects include the structure of cells, the families and taxonomy of living things, ecosystems and habitats, and the life cycle.  Curriculum guides for teachers are also included at various grade levels.  A forum for educators and a kid-board for children provide useful communication links for participants.



Check out these science fair ideasCheck out these science fair ideas

Listing many science fair project ideas about various subject areas including plants and gardening, animals and insects, water quality and  weather, the Science Fair Central by is a bountiful and fascinating Weekly Web Wonder.  The Science Fair Studio presents the Science Fair Handbook containing everything you need to know about creating a science fair project.  Lesson plans about plants are also listed for teachers from grades K-5, 6-8 and 9-12.  This is truly a great resource for students and teachers alike.

Check out the Virtual Library of Science Fairs


Submit your plan or suggestions to scienceproject1[AT]  Use your imagination to launch the curiosity of your students!

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