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This is an excellent opportunity for you to build a profitable business working from home with a very modest investment. As a Home Distributor, you can take advantage of one of the best kept secrets in the country, since most people, including your neighbors, have never seen a weed removal tool that works as well and as easily as the amazing WEED TWISTER.  

The WEED TWISTER has been marketed successfully on the web for several years.  Your advantage is that most gardeners today are not online, and those that are do not usually search the web for weed removal tools.  When your neighbors see this tool effectively removing weeds from your garden, they will be amazed and they will appreciate the fact that you let them in on this best kept secret.  

Many people have seen other products for weeds promoted on TV, but none of those products work as well as the WEED TWISTER.  For a product comparison, see the Weeder Features page.  If your neighbors have purchased other competing tools, ask them to bring them to your gathering for  a weed tool showdown! 

Made of Pegboard

As a Home Distributor, you may purchase  6 or more WEED TWISTERS for a low discount price and sell them to  your neighbors for a profit at the regular retail price.  You may use your own discretion to determine the price you sell to your own customers.  Discount prices vary based on the models purchased and quantity ordered.

Ergonica authorizes its home distributors to engage the partnership of only one level of downline distributors.  No multi-level-marketing (MLM) organizations are authorized.  When you purchase your first shipment of 6 or more WEED TWISTERS from Ergonica, you are agreeing to these terms.  Be sure to print out this page to document this agreement prior to your purchase.  



Case Made by Sterilite
Convenient for Storing


Your first shipment is the start of a trial period for you to successfully establish your distributorship. Ergonica guarantees each product for 30 days from the date of purchase.  This guarantee is clearly presented on the website and hang-tab packaging provided for each item.  Distributors are required to provide their own receipts to each buyer.  Collecting and handling sales taxes or other related taxes in your state or county are the responsibility of each distributor.  If you are entering into a retail business for the first time, please be sure to investigate the legal requirements for your state and local jurisdiction.  

Distributors are independent agents, not employees,  and are not authorized to misrepresent the WEED TWISTER or any of its features as presented by Ergonica.  By demonstrating this product to your customers, the customer should be able to evaluate its value in his or her own eyes.  This should reduce the likelihood of returns due to dissatisfaction.  We strongly recommend that you allow each potential customer the opportunity to handle the WEED TWISTER in a realistic setting to be sure the customer has a good sense of how the product works.  

When a buyer returns a product to the distributor for a refund within 30 days of purchase, the distributor must refund the purchase price to the buyer.  The distributor will then return the item to Ergonica in order to receive a refund at the price purchased from Ergonica.

Only half the items sold may be sold to downline distributors, The documented list of buyers must clearly identify at least 12 individual consumers prior to the purchase of another batch of 24 items.  Distributors are not obligated to engage downline partnerships.  Your downline distributors must purchase at least 6 WEED TWISTERS in order to qualify for a discount. If you sell all of your items to individual consumers, that is perfectly acceptable to Ergonica.  Either way, only 12 buyer's names and addresses must be provided to Ergonica prior to the purchase of your next wholesale batch.  The remaining names may be provided at a later time, but prior to the next (third) order for a wholesale batch.

If you are interested in this opportunity, we strongly suggest you purchase your first item as a regular consumer.  After you try it out in your own garden, and perhaps show it to some of your neighbors, you will be able to decide whether this is a business opportunity that's right for you.  Be sure you learn all the special techniques and applications presented on the Advanced Techniques page to become expert in using this tool.

When you order your WEED TWISTERS, be sure you request a supply of attractive hang-tabs which can be attached to each item for display to your customers.  The hang-tabs also include simple directions on how the tool is used.  The hang-tab makes a nice presentation when properly displayed on pegboard hangers, as shown above.  You may create your own display with pegboards which you can purchase very cheaply from your local hardware store.  One simple way to support a pegboard display is to hinge two pegboards together and arrange them on the short edge in a V-shaped position.  See the image above for an example.  In this example, we framed the pegboards, but you can also hinge them together without the framing, simply by using the types of hinges used for exterior gates.

We also suggest you purchase an inexpensive plastic case such as the one displayed above made by Sterilite for convenient storage of your inventory.  This case is 44 inches long and fits under your bed.  We purchased the one above for less than $20 from a local discount store.  We find it convenient for storage and also for safely transporting items to various locations.

To get into this frontline opportunity in your neighborhood, visit the Purchase page for detailed pricing information.

For orders to locations outside the domestic United States of America, please e-mail Ergonica at products1[AT]ergonica.com  for additional information.

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