Mt. Washington
Burglars Caught on Film Burglarizing Construction Site

If you see these crooks in your neighborhood
 contact the LAPD Northeast Area Officers T. Wong or D. Lee 213-485-2563

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Caught in the act of burglarizing building materials at 3825 Glenalbyn Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90065, Sunday, November 5, 2006 3:15 p.m.  Do you know these guys?

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The neighbor who took these pictures interrupted this theft by making the burglars aware that he was taking their pictures (from a safe distance).  Within about 5 minutes they took a number of studs, as shown in the Chevy Blazer in photo #1, and various other items.  They continued to take a few more items after they saw this photographer, including a relatively worthless green water hose from across the street.
Two burglars quickly pulled open a chain link fence while a third helped himself to the port-a-potty.  Click on the photo for a larger view and the "big" tag for the largest view.  The license plate is clear in larger views.

Burglars on Mt. Washington #1 big Burglars on Mt. Washington #2 big

Of the three burglars in these scenes, the face is clear for the fat guy who exited the port-a-potty in photo #2 and took the driver's seat in photos #5 and #6.  He also stole a green water hose from across the street seen in photo #4. 

Burglars on Mt. Washington #3 big Burglars on Mt. Washington #4 big 

The face of the driver is visible in the side view mirror of photo #6 when larger images are viewed.  One guy was heard was telling the driver not to take the hose in apparent concern for the camera pointing at them.  They spoke in English. 

Burglars on Mt. Washington #5 big Burglars on Mt. Washington #6 big 

  There are several construction sites on various parts of Mt. Washington at this time, including one immediately next to 3825 Glenalbyn and one up the street about 100 yards.  To protect your property, you can help to identify these crooks and report them to the police.   An earlier view of this construction site from a higher vantage point is presented on the Weed Poetry page.   Feel free to download and print any of these photos.

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