Treat your loved one to a wonderful experience of washing his or her feet while reciting this poem.   Wash each foot with tender loving care.  Also see A Valentine to Pick and other Poetry.   Does your friend like classical music or poetry?

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I Wash Your Feet

Ray Cruz

January 17, 2007


I wash your feet with tears of love,
I care for you, my dove.
My tears are warm and filled with glee
For sharing love again with thee.

I lift your foot and rub each toe
With hands that understand your soul.
My fingers bring you kindly warmth
And tender pulses from my heart.

I rub your ankle and your heel
And hope these gestures do reveal
Beyond so many moments past
My basin filled with love will last.

I brace your feet and clear your swath
And sprinkle roses on your path.
I share with you this memory,
A special heartfelt touch from me.



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Author's Note:  Please don't give this poem to someone you love
unless you sincerely offer to wash his or her feet! 
This poem is an IOU of (at least) one foot washing with tender love and care.
Memorize this poem and recite it while you emulate the actions in each line.
If your loved one is afar, write each line of this poem in a letter
along with an IOU message.

This poem was inspired by the beautiful memory
of a close relative dieing of AIDS
who allowed his niece to wash his feet.
Thus, it would be appropriate to offer this gesture of love not just to a Valentine
but also to a loved one sick in bed or to a soldier wounded in battle
or for happier occasions such as to celebrate the birthday of a child.
What could be more loving than to initiate your wedding night
with a romantic ritual of warm water, hands and feet?
A few candles and appropriate music in the background
will make this a day you will always remember with warm sentiments. 
Should the groom wash the bride's feet or the bride wash the groom's?
Maybe both, if the sentiment is there, followed by mutual massages as the spirit flows.
Many nuptial celebrations today include foot washing which can also
be enhanced by reciting this poem from memory during the ceremony.
What better way is there to declare your love to your new partner for life
in the presence of all your wedding guests?  

See some beautiful images of foot washing ceremonies through Google.   View a touching scene
of foot washing in a missionary setting on video.   You may be surprised to see how popular
this practice is becoming in numerous social settings!

A more classical poem on this topic by Bethany Schroeder is Let Me Wash Your Feet.
On a more religious note, this poem by Naomi Shea is entitled I Want to Wash Your Feet.

For the guys who have been a little rough on their female friends or family members,
consider foot washing as an expression of your remorse, in addition to a sincere change of course
as proposed in this essay on ethics: The Civil Gentleman.

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who may need a good Valentine message for their loved ones using this link:

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