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Several poems on this site, such as the Herb Keeper, Valentine to Pick and Winter Wishes, have numerous links that can be experienced in different ways depending on your mood and the time you have available.

For the first timer, you may wish to randomly explore a handful of links, to get a feel for the range of topics and levels of information provided.  You will soon discover that the links range from scientific topics, mostly related to gardening, to commercial sites, to clubs of gardeners, to educational study guides for children and adults, to natural resource advocates and many related and unrelated topics.

To get in the mood, read the poem in its entirety, without exploring the links.  Plan to come back and spend a little while.   An hour at a time is ideal.  This is a tool to help you enjoy the free exploration of visual and audio information, related to the general topic of gardening.

A universe of knowledge, connections with other groups and individuals, numerous shopping resources and many interesting and amazing pieces of information are yours to explore.  Relax and let your curiosity have its way.

This is what browsing and surfing the internet is all about.           

Musings of Dr. Yucca: Sneak attack your weeds with the Turbo Weed Twister Auger - They won't know what hit them!


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