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Winter Wishes  

By Ray Cruz

December 12, 2001



Let the first snow of winter
Cleanse the wounds in your heart
From conflicts and hardships of the year.

Let the heavenly showers
Clear the air and freshen your view
Of the world around you.

Let the brisk sounds and scenes
Of the holiday season
Pace the rhythm of your step.

Let your soul be uplifted
With the sparkle of children
Enjoying the surprises of winter’s antics.

Let your heart be filled
With the peace of an infant's succor
From her mother's breast.

Let peace in your heart
Free you from doubts and fears
And spread your warm feelings to those near to you.

Let peace in your heart
Open the door to love
And reveal the true delights of the human experience.

Let there be peace on earth,
The purest peace of innocence,
And let it be born in your heart.


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Bells are Ringing with Joy as Ray Cruz plays Bach Piano Invention No. 8

Ergonica wishes you the gift of peace in your heart and a new beginning for world peace with the mark of the winter solstice! 
We wish you a lasting peace, one that we believe can only be secured by the power of love, understanding and forgiveness
and not by brutal force, bloodshed, punitive justice or material trade. 
Think Lasting Universal Peace (TLUP)!  Plan for Peace.  Peace Happens.  You have the Power of Love!

Musings of Dr. Yucca: Let your garden thrive! A safe and sane delight..…

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