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Feel the Fish Hook! 

Ray Cruz

November 8, 2001

Feel the fish hook!  Feel it!  Feel it!
Free the fish hook!  Free it!  Free it!
Flipping, flapping, flying, falling,
Fleeing from the fisher's fish hook.

Forsake the fisher, save the fish.
Free the fish from fish-hooked lips.

Fish feel pain!  Fish hooks hurt!


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Find out the facts about the pain we inflict on fish when fishing from  For information of special interest to kids, visit the Kid's Corner.

Fishing is a sport I really don't want to play... No Thanks!!!

If you would like to help protect fish from fish hooks, send this page to all your friends, especially if they like to fish or their parents like to fish.  If you're a member of the Boy Scouts, send this poem to your Scout Leader.  Tell him how you feel about hurting fish.  Most people really don't think about how the fish feels.  Fishing is not the only way to enjoy the outdoors!  Don't be a fish hooker, be a fish helper!

Fishin Ain't so Bad?

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