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Garden Of Lies

Angel Langer

Ergonica Weed Poetry Winner for June, 2001

Doubts are insidious, sneaky things
you know they are there
so you think you can ward them off
but once planted, how they grow

A weed that steals the warmth
that allows good thoughts to survive
choking them with mistrust
burying them in needless worry

It doesn't seem to matter
that the source is jealousy
someone coveting your happiness
seeking to have it for their own

All that matters when they arrive
is how absolutely perfectly
they lie next to your own doubts
the ones you thought you drowned

Life begets life
whether it be weed or flower
so the new arrivals spread
reviving your own

Now there are more to kill
and you are so tired of pulling
but don't you ever, ever give up
because one small doubt can birth many


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