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You're just like a weed

Barbara Rose Rotella 
Sewell, New Jersey

Ergonica Weed Poetry Winner for August, 2002

When I try to rid you, you just come back.
I push you away, and you never leave.
You come through my window and settle in a small space,
Begging me to hear your plead.
I never listen, and I never care.
I just try to get you out of there!
But as soon as I do, you just come back...
You're just a weed growing in a small crack.
But just as soon as you start to fade away,
A part of me wants you to come back to me.
Then when you are completely gone,
I cry because you meant so much, you see.
To many, a weed is just a pest that grows,
Ruining a garden, clogging your hose,
Taking over flowers' space,
Invading your once beautiful place.
But as many times as you've hurt me so,
I didn't have to push you away.
I should have listened to you all along,
Listened to what you had to say.
Because all along you were just trying to show
How much you really care for me.
To many, a weed is a pest that grows,
But you're not like any other weed, you see.
You're a beautiful weed, that doesn't invade space.
You take up the space but I want you to be there.
You come through my window at night and grow,
I watch you grow through the years, you know,
More beautiful everyday,
Beautiful in every way,
"You're one beautiful weed,"  I say.


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