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The Weed 

Brandon Heath Gill

DeRidder, Louisiana

Ergonica Weed Poetry Winner for October, 2002

At times I am little, 
smaller than a ball, 
at times I am big, 
and tower above all.   

As the sea, I sway back and forth. 
And when its cold, 
I turn my stem from the north 
to face the sun's warming ray, 
in the hopes of brightening someone's day.   

Though I am trampled and walked upon, 
still I keep trying to march on.   

I try to give company to the flowers in the ground. 
Quiet I stand, 
never making a sound.   

Farmers still pluck me, 
never realizing, 
how bad they hurt me. 

Not just a weed am I, 
but a story of a short-lived life, 
filled with pain and strife, 
trampled on by all, 
yet I long to stand proud and tall.   

My desire is to bring beauty 
to God's earth of green, 
to brighten someone's day, 
and in the field to stay.   

To stand proud and tall, 
to soar as the eagle, 
no matter how big or small.   

Please don't remove me 
from your garden of seed, 
for I am only a weed.


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