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Ergonica Weed Poetry Winner for September, 2006

Marian K Baker
Post Falls, Idaho

I go out weeding again only in my mind

The first patch of weeds I attacked

Like a young Tigger playing in clover

That nice clean feeling when it was over

When pulled- the weeds were all wrapped

Up in a great lawn bag where they belong

Here- I sit patiently waiting for the next song

Tumbleweeds were thorny and dry, frayed with summer heat

I was red, sweaty and twelve years old, slightly wrong

I saw my face all askew with no signs of defeat

Today the weeds are orderly and strong

I go out weeding again only in my mind

The weeds are challenges from classes

The weeds are old people I’ve inherited

The weeds are arthritic knees and flu shot passes

When pulled-the weeds are papers written and sent

Tests are taken and as a team we breathe again

Old ones are visited and we hold hands

Me on the outskirts listening to hearts rent

Pulled up by moves and a colorful wreathe

Celebrated with dinner, memories, clean-up

And me pulling dishes from the machine-

I go out weeding again only in my mind

For the weeding never stops and in time

The weeds will fade and disappear

Then there will be that nice clean feeling when it is over-


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