Let all Muslims, Christians and Jews pray together as one family for world peace

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Words of Peace  

By Ray Cruz

April 5, 2002


Peace - Shalom
Links to Peace

Let all hands be joined in the name of Allah

Let all hands be joined in the Temple of Temples

Let all hands be joined in the dominion of God

Let all hands be joined in the love of Jesus Christ

Let all hands be joined in the heart of Mother Nature

Let all hands be joined in the word of Truth


There is but one family on Earth

When my brother dies, I die

When my sister bleeds, I bleed

When my father falls, I fall

When my mother weeps, I weep

When my son is imprisoned, I am imprisoned

When my daughter is enslaved, I am enslaved


My children are the hope of the future

My children are the seeds of love

My children are the vessels of my dreams

My children are the glory of salvation


Blessed is the farmer who nurtures my food

Blessed is the teacher who spreads the word of peace

Blessed is the leader who divides none and unifies all

Blessed is the builder who shelters me from harm


Let the cries of sorrow fade into songs of joy

Let the clash of swords transform into bells of freedom

Let the words of hatred be drowned by shouts of love

Let the weapons of destruction be traded for the tools of hope

Let the fear of enemies be overpowered by the embrace of brotherhood


Links to Peace

Download Ray Cruz Poetry

Bat Shalom - Feminist Center for peace in the Middle East

Visions of Peace with Justice in Israel / Palestine

JVP - Jewish Voice for Peace

The Association of Forty - for the recognition of the Arab Unrecognized Villages in Israel

Seeds of Peace - Empowering the children of war to break the cycle of violence

Books for Peace - A selection of books on peace efforts and issues in various parts of the world

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  We need volunteers to translate the Words of Peace into other languages.  Please send your translation by e-mail to info[AT]2givenow.org  All languages are needed.

Become an Inter-Faith Advocate for Peace (IFAP):  


Send the Words of Peace to all your friends by e-mail.   Include the link http://www.ergonica.com/poetry/words_of_peace.htm in your message and copy the entire page in your message.


Visit the links above.  


Join or support one or more of the organizations above or ones linked to them.


Counter messages of fear and hate with your own messages of peace and love.   Show your Power of Love!  Words count!

y together for peace and brotherhood among all people, all races, all religions, all nations, all colors, all beliefs

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Direct link to this page:  www.ergonica.com/poetry/words_of_peace.htm

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