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  Weeding Tips:  Special Tips for Seniors and Persons With Disabilities


Gardening: How to avoid injury and get fit too: Chances are, like most gardeners, at some point you've overdone it on digging, weeding and planting, especially when spring arrives and you haven't been busy in the garden for ages. But do it right, and you can benefit physically, with good muscle tone as well as gardenias to show off proudly. The Edinburgh Paper By Sarah Howden May 3, 2008

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Older Adults Reap Benefits of Gardening, Says ACSM: Researchers who calculated the metabolic measurements for nine different gardening tasks found most were low to moderate in intensity, with digging and turning compost significantly more intense than hand weeding, mixing soil, filling containers with soil, and transplanting seedlings. U.S. Newswire Medialink Worldwide, June 1, 2006, Contact: Christa Dickey, 303-228-8350 or cdickey@acsm.org, or Dan Henkel, 303-228-8350 or dhenkel@acsm.org, both of the American College of Sports Medicine

Don't Let Age or Aches Keep You Out of the Garden:  After a day of gardening, do you crawl into bed with a heat pack, an ice pack or maybe even a six-pack? Hauling, digging, raking, exhuming rocks or a tug of war with an obstinate taproot can invite an aching back, sore joints, strained muscles, even serious injury.  One way to make gardening more manageable is to downsize. The Washington Post, Ilene Sternberg August 16, 2007

Hidden dangers in the garden... The most common gardening injuries uncovered... and how to prevent them:  Falls from ladders are one of the most common causes of injury while gardening. Exercise is important for strengthening the back, but it is vital not to overdo it. Let gardening equipment and tools do the work rather than straining and remember to use arms and leg muscles instead of your back. Manchester Evening News Health and beauty features, Carmel Thomason July 7, 2007

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Gardening is tough on your body. Here's how to stay safe: While most people don't consider gardening a sport, health experts say they should. Gardening can be surprisingly aerobic -- ask anyone who has mowed an overgrown lawn or hoed a patch of land for a flower bed.  Long-handled tools can also ease the strain on your back.  Wall Street Journal Online Health Matters, Tara Parker-Pope July 14, 2007

GardenRack Solution for Elevated Gardens:  You can enjoy the benefits and joys of gardening with no bending by building your own GardenRack, an elevated platform built to your height specifications.  Complete plans and instructions can be downloaded for only $24.95 which includes additional guides for gardening for seniors. GardenRack Construction Plans and Gardening Guides  Build your own garden platform that you can take with you when you move.  Limited space?  Build it in your condo patio, deck or on the roof.  See photos and examples.

Gardening for Seniors: As all of us know, when we get older it gets harder for us to do the things we use to take for granted, but just because we have a harder time gardening, does not mean we have to stop gardening. We just have to rethink how we are going to garden! Texas Cooperative Extension - Texas Master Gardening 

Senior Gardening Healthy Living for Seniors
Seniors Garden Green Web Gardening
Tips and Techniques for the Senior Gardener University of Missouri
Gardening With the Elderly Ohio State University
What is an Enabling Garden?  The Guelph Enabling Garden (GEG) is a multi-use garden designed for children, the elderly, families, but especially for those community members with varying degrees of physical and cognitive abilities. Guelph Enabling Garden

Buehler Enabling Garden:  The Buehler Enabling Garden is a hands-on teaching garden that encourages gardening for people of all ages and abilities. Colorful raised beds, dramatic container gardens, adaptive tool displays and model exhibits illustrate gardening techniques that can be used to make gardening accessible to everyone. Chicago Botanic Garden

Enabling Gardens:  Gardening is something nearly anyone can do. You set the goals how hard you want to work and how lavish you want your garden to be. Start with one pot of easy-going geraniums or challenge yourself with fastidious rose bushes. Try a diverse vegetable garden for all the freshness of delicious summer eating. Choose peaceful solitude when you work or share techniques with other gardeners. It's all up to you—that's what makes gardening such a satisfying activity.  Use Adaptive Tools. Infinitec.org Enabling Gardening

Horticulture for All The Federation to Promote Horticulture for Disabled People (FPHDP)

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Also, see our selection of beautifully illustrated Weed Books from Amazon.com

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Musings of Dr. Yucca: Let your garden thrive! A safe and sane delight.

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