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A Story

By Ray Cruz

February 13, 2011

Every story has an ending

Whether known or ever told

And its memory a blessing

To the young and to the old


In each day resides a moment

Where a journey may unfold

And your destiny or treasure

May be just beyond the road


When you read of former glories

And the days of finding gold

You can thrive in every story

And partake in measures bold


Be it romance or adventures

Science fiction or suspense

Ancient lore with gothic pictures

Let your cravings be your lens


This is a story of all stories

A library of time

Of moments that occur

Only once the page is turned


As you register each line

And tease out every rhyme

The lessons through your heart

Are greater than this art


In a world of now and then

Scholars try to comprehend

When a tick is not a tock

When it’s now and when it’s not


If the future seems unsure

The horizon just a blur

Could it be an unread tale

May unveil a chart and sail?



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